Hello, everyone! Welcome to the September 2016 update.

This month, I’m finally ready to announce my newest imaginative creation, the Nintendo Archiver YouTube channel! I’ve been an avid Nintendo fan my entire life so what better way to pay homage to the historic gaming company than making a channel about their games, music, and characters.


Nintendo Archiver thumbnail

Throughout September, I’ve been uploading videos multiple times a week and sometimes on the weekends; bare-minimum, I hope to upload between one and three videos per week going forward. More if I can sustain that level of output given all of my other projects.

As of this post, I’ve recorded hundreds of videos and have posted nearly 40 of them ranging from classic titles to modern hits. For music fans and casual gaming fans who enjoy gaming soundtracks, I have uploaded 3, hour-long Nintendo music videos for your listening pleasure. If you are a gaming fan or not, please head over to my Nintendo Archiver YouTube channel subscribe and enjoy.


My new blog-site, Bucket List Games.com, has been trucking on throughout September as well. I am currently updating it three times a week–Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays–with gaming Backlog and Bucket List recommendations, video game quotes, news stories that might have been missed, and select videos from my Nintendo Archiver YouTube channel.

Backlog and Bucket List Wallpaper


And speaking of Bucket List Games, the newest issue of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming should be up on digital stores hopefully by the end of next week. Here’s the cover for those interested.

Backlog and Bucket List Issue 3 full cover.


I love games, and I am happy to share that interest with all of you this month. If you know anyone that is a gamer, hopefully there is something here for her or him. Now, I must go back to work to keep the wheel rolling.

I hope all of you are enjoying what I’ve created, because I enjoy sharing my imagination and creativity.

Until next time, imaginators!

–The Jason Jack, a.k.a Captain Walapie (the Nintendo Archiver)