Nintendo History (31 Things You Need To Know)

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(Fans of CliffsNotes and For Dummies series will enjoy this informational and interactive read.)

  • Did you know the video game company Nintendo has history with the Japanese mafia? Did you know Nintendo invested in love hotels? And did you know the company is over 100 years old?
  • Start reading 31 Things You NEED To Know! NINTENDO HISTORY today and learn even more about one of the largest video game companies in the world!
  • Includes little known facts, pertinent information, past and current company presidents, appendix, console hardware release dates, official company timeline, and much, much more!

Need to know? Read to know. Today!

*This book is an “interactive book” designed to take advantage of devices with internet access. Clickable links to web pages and videos only further enhance this memorable read!

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