DarknessAndShadows Medium




Enjoy Eight Short Stories from Author Jason Jack 

Delve deep into troubled minds, lives, and worlds from the first word to the very last. Question humanity with each of the eight thrilling short stories collected for the first time ever in one volume, from Gamer Murderer to the Lost and Found. Live the emotions. Feel the loss, make hard hitting choices, and cherish old memories along with the characters inside this book. Then, go behind the scenes with exclusive author commentaries for each story. What are you waiting for? Experience Darkness and Shadows (Read My Shorts volume 2) today.

Available Separately

Darkness and Shadows (Read My Shorts volume 2) includes the following short stories which can be purchased separately:

Humane Children Society

In That Moment

Eat or Be Eaten

Gamer, Murderer

Lost and Found

Life Outside the Manor

Today I Die

Story of Evil

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