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Activity Books

>Big Blank Sudoku Grids

>Big Blank Bingo Grids

>TIC TAC TOE Big Book of Blank Games

>Big Blank Sudoku Grids (Portable edition)


Sketch Books

>Sketchbook Black

>Sketchbook Teddy Bear

>Sketchbook Sea Green

>Sketchbook Panda

>Sketchbook Nature

>Sketchbook Red Butterfly


>Sketchbook Love

>Sketchbook Pink

>Sketchbook Yellow Circle

>Sketchbook Blue Butterfly

>Sketchbook Yellow Polka dot

>Sketchbook Purple Plaid

>Sketchbook Black Polka dot


You Draw the Adventure

The Werewolf Who Looked Human

The Green Nosed Reindeer

The Independent Princess

The Fourth of July Fireworks

The Funny Bunny

The Birthday Surprise

His Valentine

Her Valentine

The Pony Who Played Dress Up

The Cuddly Kitten

The Troublesome Turkey

The Zombie Who Didn’t Fit In

The Skinny Santa

The Crazy Christmas


Children Hangman Books

Animal Hangman

Astronomy Hangman

United States Hangman

Food Hangman



Read My Shorts! Volume 1

Darkness and Shadows: Read My Shorts! Volume 2

100 Things Your Parents Told You As A Kid

Rejected Fortune Cookie Fortunes


Short Stories

The Martian Flu (014)

Eat or Be Eaten (013)

Story of Evil (012)

Today I Die (011)

Humane Children Society (010)

Life Outside the Manor (009)

Lost and Found (008)

Gamer, Murderer (007)

In That Moment (006)

Monster In The Woods (005)

The Second Life of Tommy Brandon (004)

Pleasure Button (003)

Memory Care (002)

UFOTaku (001)




Awesome Opening Lines Volume 1

Awesome Opening Lines Volume 2

Awesome Opening Lines Volume 3



You Know You’re a Gamer When

Unrequited: Poetry in Spite of the Heart